Vegan spanakopita

IMG_20150126_183251So since the beginning of baby led feeding,I’ve been trying to eat healthier since Silas gets a little bit of most everything I eat. I’ve been looking up recipes & came across this one for spanakopita. I have never had it before but had always wanted to try it out. When It came to the recipe I have no idea where they were lucky enough to find vegan ricotta,so we made our own with 1 package of silken tofu,juice from half a lemon,salt, garlic powder,and oregano. I did crumble some extra firm tofu into this to give it a bit more texture. We also added more garlic than the recipe called for & mushrooms. I used maybe 4 less sheets of phyllo on the bottom because i was being lazy,which i paid for when it disintegrated after baking.All in all I enjoyed this recipe & plan to make it again!


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